Waterworks Visual Arts Center

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The Museum Store is OPEN!

Come in and browse our unique selection of original art and one-of-a-kind gifts and accessories...


The Museum Store at Waterworks Visual Arts Center has work from over 40 local and regional artists and craftsmen.  The items range from beautiful woven scarves to exquisite hand-turned, wooden bowls. You are sure to find something for every taste.

Visit often to see the latest inventory. 

Featured Museum Store Artists

Stephen Baldwin Liz Miller Liese Sadler
Andrea Brown Don Moore Tamera Shue
Spence Chandler Nancy Nieves Dreith Ron Slack
Scott Cline Scott Partridge Brent Smith
Sue Davis Denise Paugh Sue Smith
Ric Erkes Janet Pingrey Phyllis Steimel
Vanessa Goodman Betti Pettinati-Longinotti Karla Taylor
Bill Gramley Paxeena Posang Ed Tezlaf
Ernie Griffith Joy Britt Reavis Leslie Hudson-Tolles
Hope Holmes Jeff Rich Jason Williams
Shirl Hull David Willingham
Sue McHugh Charms by Windsor Gallery